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The SHIELD Training Initiative 

Police and other first responders are on the front lines of many public health crises. They've been asked to take on new roles and responsibilities in response to overdose and other emerging challenges. This carries new occupational safety risks – but usually without adequate tools or training. These demands compound the stress officers are accumulating from unprecedented levels of public scrutiny and social upheaval as well as the day-to-day pressures of policing. 

SHIELD fills this gap, providing law enforcement and other first responders with the tools they need to safeguard their physical and mental wellbeing, improve community relations, and more effectively accomplish their public safety mission. 

How SHIELD Works

What is SHIELD?

The SHIELD Training Initiative equips law enforcement and other first responders for their work at the front lines of the overdose crisis. It provides knowledge, skills, and resources that improve their occupational health, wellbeing, and effectiveness. Built on decades of experience and deep knowledge of the evidence base, SHIELD is driven by practice and delivers practical solutions.


SHIELD is unique because it meets local needs by building in local experience. After learning about local challenges, opportunities, and resources, our team customizes the curriculum to the needs of specific jurisdictions and agencies. Customization is the engine for delivering frontline personnel the most relevant and actionable tools and strategies to improve their health, safety, and effectiveness.

Based on our extensive track record, the departments that embrace SHIELD’s strategies will see: 

Reductions in stress and burnout, infectious disease risk, and overdose and addiction in the community

Improvements in job satisfaction, community health, and overall public safety

Resulting in improved police-community relations and enhanced recruitment and retention


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